In the Western Cape, in the valley of Franschhoek, nestled against the majestic Groot Drakenstein Mountains, and in the very heart of the Cape Winelands... lays a very special estate.

One of only twenty-nine original French Huguenot-settled farms, it's easy to see why this land has inspired winemakers - and helped to bring them international recognition - for over 300 years.

It's breathtaking. And, thanks to topographic diversity and a unique microclimate, the estate is blessed with unparalleled terroir.

Today at Normandie Est.1693 this gift from nature is partnered with uncompromising expertise in viticulture and passionate winemaking. A harmonious marriage that has given birth to iconic wines: karen. a sophisticated, dry rosé; and Eisen & Viljoen, a deeply complex Bordeaux style red blend.

Now, after sourcing some of the finest grapes from the best terroirs in the region, the team at Normandie Est.1693 is proud to introduce an innovative new collection of wines to their well-established portfolio. A collection that embodies all that Normandie Est. 1693 represents.

The creation of Clarington is a story that spans a very special journey of more than eight years. It is a story of unique natural attributes, of thoughtful consideration, of exceptional craft and most importantly, of passion and commitment. Everything, in fact, that makes a great wine stand out from a good wine.

Each varietal is carefully crafted to display its inimitable character: to seduce with a rich and pleasing nose... to captivate with a first taste... to enslave with memorable follow-through. No need to wait, enjoy them now and from now on. These are wines that linger, consistent in their experience, every time.


Inspired by the natural relationship between art and wine, the Clarington bottle was perfected over several years, and specifically conceptualised to honour the art of winemaking.

An artist's homage, it's a perfect analogy for the wine itself. Deceptively simple, carefully considered and beautifully crafted. Every careful detail designed to underline the rich sensory experience of a fine wine.

The high gloss, organic ink coating, influenced by traditional block colouring, is a global patented design and a world first, with each bottle undergoing an intricate five-step process to deliver a vessel that is beautifully designed and visually impactful.

This quality execution of the design means that, whilst the wine should be enjoyed today, the beauty of each bottle can be appreciated for years to come, making Clarington as much a work of art on the outside as it is on the inside.

Much greater than the sum of its parts, Clarington is a story beyond the expertise, beyond the experience; it is a story of a team's deep commitment to excellence. An embodiment of their desire to innovate and their obsession with creating a collection of wines that in every way, is more than an art... it is art.


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